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It is too early to put words and deliver definitive analyses on what this virus will have meant for our modern societies. But still. Unemployment, help for the economy, access to health care, America, 60% of which hates, resents, dismisses socialism, has been doing only that for the past month. And the 35% and more who hate the central state, who want to dismantle it or downsize it, have only been calling for it and for its resources for a month now. Will there be introspection afterwards? Will it be admitted that no one died from it? Will it help the first power in the world to move towards the more just? To realize that a sheer market economy is only a view of the mind – or a doctrine of the past – in a social-democratic world? 2020: the world suddenly realizes that it still needs the state – and so much the better. Basting the economy and the population no longer with loans – which create bubbles that always explode to the detriment of everyone – but with money, to consume, to spend, to run the economy, has become a zero-sum game that in a global world no longer creates inflation (as we had learned in school). That’s good. But must we still collect through traditional taxes, linked to contributive capacity, earnings and income, to redistribute to all – in addition to ensuring the state’s own running costs? Does that still make sense? The answer is no and leads to the simple, easy, just, automatic taxation of financial flows, which are now the true marker of human activity. And to minimal universal income. Did you say socialism? Welcome back.

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